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HopeBuilders Breakfast

Attend one of our informational HopeBuilders breakfasts to learn more about the Champlain Housing Trust and the affordable housing work we do in northwestern Vermont.

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Apply For Rental Housing

We do not offer emergency housing. If you need emergency housing, please call 211 to be connected with Vermont Economic Services.


All households must complete the RENTAL HOUSING APPLICATION in order to apply for any Champlain Housing Trust apartment(s), co-ops, or mobile home parks regardless of income or type of housing needed.

Completing an application may qualify YOUR household for:

  1. Market rate apartment (no income limits) or
  2. Tax credit apartment (income limits apply)

Rent and vouchers*:

  • ALL rents are fixed and not based on income
  • Housing Choice Vouchers are accepted for both 1 and 2

CHT Rental Application CHT Rental Application (831 KB)

These apartments have reduced waiting times. Make sure you add them to your waitlist selection.

Apartments Available Now


Complete an addendum for one of the following: subsidized properties, co-op housing, mobile home parks.


If your household income is below the amounts shown in the table, and you do not have a voucher, you should complete the ADDENDUM FOR SUBSIDIZED PROPERTIES to be added to the wait lists for those properties.

Household Size Minimum Income
1-2 people $20,800
3-4 people $25,000
5-6 people $28,000
7+ people $31,500
  • Households pay 30% of their income toward rent in subsidized apartments.
  • Some properties are only for senior or disabled households.

CHT Addendum For Subsidized Properties CHT Addendum For Subsidized Properties (118 KB)


Most of us understand renting or owning; cooperative housing is at third option. Co-op members are both residents and shareholders of their property. They work together to keep their property and community running well, sharing the responsibilities that a homeowner or landlord typically handles. If you would like to live in a co-op, please complete this addendum to be added to the waitlist.

Co-op Housing Addendum Co-op Housing Addendum (386 KB)


If you would like to rent a lot at a Mobile Home Park managed by Champlain Housing Trust, please complete this addendum and provide information on the mobile home you will be placing on the lot.

CHT Addendum For Mobile Home Parks CHT Addendum For Mobile Home Parks (102 KB)

*You may be eligible for a voucher from a housing authority. The Voucher will adjust and set your rent at one of our apartments according to your income; you will only pay a percentage of your income for rent. 
 This is a separate application. Please contact them directly: 
Burlington Housing Authority, 65 Main Street, Burlington 802-864-0538 
Winooski Housing Authority, 83 Barlow Street, Winooski 802-655-2360 
Vermont State Housing Authority, 1 Prospect Street, Montpelier 800-820-5119 & 802-828-3295

Champlain Housing Trust will not discriminate, deny any household the opportunity to apply for admission, or deny any applicant the opportunity to lease or rent a dwelling unit suitable to its needs if such is available on account of age, race, color, religion, disability, familial status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender-related characteristics, or because a person is a recipient of public assistance, including Section 8 housing assistance.

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity Organization. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988).