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HopeBuilders Breakfast

Attend one of our informational HopeBuilders breakfasts to learn more about the Champlain Housing Trust and the affordable housing work we do in northwestern Vermont.

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Cooperative Housing Program

A housing cooperative is a member-owned business that manages the housing, and co-op members are both residents of the co-op and shareholders (owners) in the business. While co-ops aren’t for everyone, they’re ideal for people who want to be involved with their neighbors in creating community. 

Financially, joining a co-op is like renting: members do not buy any real estate. However, unlike regular rental properties, co-op members share the responsibilities that a homeowner or landlord typically handles – they manage their budget, set policies, oversee repairs and solve problems. Depending on the roles they take on, members typically spend 4 to 10 hours a month on co-op duties. This level of security, control, and responsibility amounts to an ownership mindset without the financial investment of buying a home. 

CHT Co-ops at a glance:

We have six co-ops in the Burlington area with a total of 121 apartments. The co-ops range in size: the smallest, House of Hildegard, has just three apartments, while the Bright Street co-op has forty – each with its own character. We see an average of 6 to 8 vacancies a year among all of our co-ops, and since openings are hard to predict, people who need housing within a few months should also look for rentals.

How to Apply

To apply for a co-op and get on the waiting list(s) of your choice, please submit the following:

CHT Rental Application CHT Rental Application (831 KB)

Co-op Housing Addendum Co-op Housing Addendum (386 KB)