Cooperative Housing

Queensbury Housing Co-op

Queensbury Housing Co-op

    Leasing Co-op

    1-38 Queensbury Road
    South Burlington, VT 05404

    Bedrooms: 2 & 3
    18 Apartments
    Vacancies filled from waitlist

    18 Apartments:

    • 15 two-bedrooms
    • 3 three-bedrooms

    Rent includes:

    • Trash & snow removal
    • Water & Sewage
    • Private parking for up to two vehicles

    Members are responsible for heat and electricity.


    Queensbury Co-op offers cooperative community in a suburban environment. The Co-op, built in the 1990s, consists of nine attractive duplex buildings that share a quiet road with Champlain Housing Trust homeowners. The neighborhood abounds in open space and wooded areas, and many members enjoy gardening and spending time outdoors with their families and friends. South Burlington is also home to some of the best schools in the area.

    Some of the co-ops amenities include a community room, laundry hookups, basement storage, and modern kitchens. The units also include modest balconies and/or porches.

    Apply For Co-op Housing

    1. Submit a CHT rental application and a co-op addendum. This allows us to add you to the waiting lists of your choice. We do not process the application until there is a vacancy that you might qualify for.

    CHT Rental Application CHT Rental Application (760 KB)

    Co-op Housing Addendum Co-op Housing Addendum (386 KB)

    2. CHT notifies you of a vacancy. If you’re still interested in applying, we’ll have you double-check your application to make sure the data is current.

    3. CHT processes your application and schedules a co-op orientation. We then forward the relevant results to the co-op’s interview team, which decides whether or not to invite you in for an interview.

    For questions, email Ieshia or call (802) 861-7355