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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does my ground lease or membership fee pay for?
Lease and membership fees* allow CHT to be able to provide a wide variety of services to our shared equity homeowners including post-purchase counseling (budgeting, refinancing, delinquency intervention and more), post-purchase education workshops, homeowner advocacy, advertising and support during the sale of your home, tax assistance, special events and stewardship.

*Please note some condominium HOA’s dues include the membership fee or a portion of the fee (South Meadow, Coolidge, City’s Edge and Westwood).

2. When is my bill due?

CHT bills are mailed or emailed on the 1st of each month and they are due on the 10th of that month.  We will charge a late fee on the 25th of the month if the bill has not been paid. 

3. I would prefer to get my monthly bill via email. Is this possible?

Yes, we are able to send you your bill via email. You can sign up for emailed invoices by clicking here. Sign Up for Emailed Invoices

4. Can I pay my bill in advance?
While you can pay your bill in advance, we encourage people to take advantage of our new online payment system.  It allows you to enter your credit card information and automatically pay your invoice each month.   If you pay your bill in advance via a check, you will still receive a monthly invoice through our email system and the credit will be applied within the first 10 days of the month. 

5. How do I make sure my payment is applied to my account?

To be sure your payment is applied to your account, pay online with a credit card or make sure your name and property address are in the memo field of your check. This helps ensure your check isn’t applied to another account with a similar name. CHT has over 600 homes and 2,500+ rental units so we do have some instances of individuals with the same name.  If you are receiving emailed invoices but sent your payment via check to our office, you will be able to check the balance of the invoice online using the link in your email. Please allow time for your check to arrive at our office and a few additional days for processing. 

6. Why did I get a late letter when I mailed my check on the 25th?

It takes time to enter and process payments as well as generate reports and mail late letters. This is why we ask that your payment arrive at CHT by the 10th of each month. While you will not be charged a late fee until after the 25th, you may get a late letter if your payment arrives after the 10th.

7. Why do I pay all my land taxes in August each year?

Single family homeowners in Burlington have two property tax bills, as do most of our shared equity homeowners who live in single family homes. The bill for the land portion of the property taxes comes directly to CHT and we pay the bill on your behalf. CHT then bills you for these taxes on a monthly basis. The difference for Burlington homeowners is that the value of the land has been set by the City at $5,000 for tax purposes. The rest of the value of the property is reflected in the bill for the improvements (your home and other buildings). Because the property taxes on $5,000 is a relatively small amount, CHT bills you the entire amount the month after we receive the bill. This amount varies depending upon the tax rate, but is approximately $135 for the year. 

8. What are my responsibilities as a CHT Homeowner?
As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your home and land. While CHT does own the land itself, the homeowner leases it and has full use and responsibility for the land. Homeowner is responsible for paying all property taxes on the home and the land.
9. What are Capital Improvements?
Capital Improvements are work done to the home that increase the market value and are above and beyond normal replacement of items. Capital Improvements are NOT granted for routine maintenance or repairs. 
At the resale of a Shared Equity Home with Champlain Housing Trust, the homeowner retains 100% of any market value that is added by capital improvements and 25% of any additional appreciation. 

When an appraisal is ordered to determine the current value of a CHT home, the homeowner should prepare a list of improvements that have been done to the home. The appraiser will use this list to isolate the value that has been added by making these improvements.

Is a Capital Improvement:  Is NOT a Capital Improvement:
Replacing wall to wall carpet with 
hardwood flooring
Replacing wall to wall carpet with 
new carpet
Adding a new garage to a home Replacing an existing garage door
Finishing a basement A fresh coat of paint
Completely remodeling a kitchen Replacing appliances
Adding a fireplace Repairing/replacing an existing 
heating system
Putting on a deck Replacing windows
Adding a bedroom or bathroom Replacing wiring or plumbing

Once it has been determined that there is a capital improvement, the appraiser will determine what value that improvement adds to the home.  This is NOT the cost of the improvement. This is the difference in the market value of the home with the improvement and without the improvement. So, for example, while it might cost $15,000 to add the new garage onto the home, having a garage may only add $10,000 to the market value of the home. Therefore, the seller will receive $10,000 in a Capital Improvement Credit. Capital Improvement Credits are given based on the increase in market value to the property due to the work regardless of the cost of the project.   

10. Who can I call for advice or help?
At CHT once you are a customer you are always a customer. If you ever need some advice or assistance with anything regarding your home or finances, please call and set up a counseling appointment. Janet Harvey-Coutrayer is our Shared Equity Stewardship Specialist and has many years of experience assisting CHT homeowners.

Janet Harvey-Coutrayer   
Office Line: 802-861-7339 

11. Who do I contact with other questions related to my CHT bill?
Shared equity homeowners can contact Janet Harvey-Coutrayer for assistance with their bill or related issues. Janet can be reached at 861-7339 or via email.